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When you fall, do you get up and put your eyes back on Christ?

Belief can be seen by a changed life. It’s not enough to say that Jesus is King with your lips if your heart is not spurred on to live for Him. As it says in scripture, even Satan and the demons believe in God (JAM2:19). The difference is that they do not believe ‘upon’ the Lord, trusting His word and leaning on Him in all our ways. We are even more blessed than the saints of old, who did not have the written word to return to, to meditate on, to study and delight in. If you love someone, you desire to learn about them and you believe what they say.

Everything about the American dream sells us on an identity: work hard, retire early, raise a family, travel, FIND YOURSELF. But the reality is that all we are, will ever be or have that is of any value is Jesus Christ. Anything else is in opposition to the gospel.

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