• bella0760

Not saved by the Law

For hundreds of years before Moses, God ran the planet with NO WRITTEN LAW. Yet still many fell under condemnation: for the law is written on the heart of every man (ROM2:14-15). God brought the commandments not to save us but to come alongside our sin nature and INCREASE our trespass: to KILL us. Having been told we are committing cosmic treason INCREASES the guilt we are already under. The law saves no one, it was brought to make us aware and to kill (GAL3:19, ROM3:20, 7:7-9). This is the foolishness of preaching “grace alone” to a lost world! We should be preaching REPENTENCE. Repent and BELIEVE! THEN grace is beautiful! The world doesn’t think they need a savior because they don’t know that they are dead.

But for the believer the law is not terrifying, it is beautiful! It is the heart of God. No one can keep the law, that is why Jesus had to die. If we could save ourselves by doing good, He died for nothing (GAL2:21). Jesus satisfied the wrath of God so that we could live! We will struggle with sin until we die, but less and less over time because we love God. The law increases our dependence on Him and reveals the beauty of the cross! This is why we do good, because we are thankful and we love God…not because we are afraid of losing our salvation. If it is true He died to save us when we were enemies, how much more will He keep us now that we are family? MUCH MUCH MORE! Blessed Assurance!

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