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Mother's Day

Mothers, you have an impossible task before you.

Make no mistake, motherhood is ministry. Mother’s Day should serve as a reminder of God’s law, to be practiced daily: “honor your father and mother” (Ex20:12). Mother's were created more instinctively nurturing, patient, sensitive, compassionate and caring, and their bodies offer shelter and sustenance to growing babies.

Mothers have the greatest influence in changing the world and it starts at home. God says that change starts with a repentant church, turning from their own way (2CHRON7:14). Therefore, there is some truth in the quote by W.R. Wallace, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

Listed below are four things mothers should teach their children to change the world, from God’s word. It’s an impossible task. No one can do it perfectly. But scripture sets the standard and the grace of God is enough. You will fail daily, but the heart of the mother who loves the Lord will never fail. That’s why today is your day, you have an impossible task before you

1.) Teach them to have joy:

While “happiness” is a feeling that depends on how things are going, “joy” springs from right relationship with God. It is unaffected by the world and situations. It doesn’t matter how bad the day is. Understanding how we serve a King who is all knowing, all wise, in full control, and working all things out for our good, offers us a gift that no one can take away: it can only be shared. There is strength in the joy that comes from truly knowing and serving the Lord (NEH8:10)

2.) Teach them peace:

Peace does not come from everything being perfect, it comes from knowing all things are under God’s control. Humans can control nothing, that is an illusion. We never know what will happen next. But God is transcendent, outside of time looking in. He knows what is going to happen and He’s already worked it out for your good. Nothing catches Him off guard and He tells us “don’t be afraid, do not be troubled” because He gave His peace to us (John 14:27). It is we who ignore it: not teaching it to ourselves or our children. Make your home a place of peace by living on Gods promises. True peace comes from Jesus.

3.) Teach them thankfulness:

We feed ourselves with negativity: in tv, social media, and entertainment. Turn it off and you and your kids will be happier. Phil4:8 tells us “whatever is true, honorable, excellent, just, and pure”, think about those things. But that doesn’t sell. The guy who wrote that was in prison! Control your mind and thoughts: take them captive and bring them under subjection to Christ (2COR10:5). Focus on the good things God has given you to enjoy. This does not mean to ignore the ‘bad’ things, in the areas where we are being transformed. Discipline your kids and address problems, but guide them in joy and peace. The way you look at life will affect how your children look at life. Be thankful for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have, and your children will be inclined to do so.

4) Teach them dependency on the Lord:

Christian women know that regardless of their own strength, they can do nothing without the God. No one can survive without the help of someone or something mightier than they are. It doesn’t take a village, but it does take a church. Remind your children where their blessings comes from: that He will never leave, He is their Refuge and Strength. Because it’s true and you won’t always be there. The Lord is all we need.

Happy Mother's Day!

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