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Where is God when the wicked prosper?


What happens when we ask for help and God doesn’t answer like we think He should? We often become weary of continually praying with no seeming response. We begin to wonder if it’s worth it to keep persevering and the seed of doubt takes root. Is my faith to small? Then the questioning of God begins. Is God still for me? Does He still care? This leads to distrust and anger. In this psalm, David is wrestling with the silence of God during times of persecution. He does not shy away from laying these troubles before the Lord in prayer.

Before we judge God by our standards of timeliness and justice, we must first contemplate the eternity of God and see the rise and fall of men from that perspective. God is not delayed in answering your prayers: but your request might not be good for you, He may have a better plan, or your prayers may be hindered (1pet3:7). Through persecution and hardship, we must persevere in prayer. Knowing that those living in obedience with the right motives will be blessed (MATT7:7-8)

God is charge even over wickedness. ROM1:18 reminds us that God will not forget. And in ROM 2:5 we read that He is allowing some to store up wrath for themselves on the day of judgement. We must remind ourselves that He is God and we are not, refusing to go silent if He does not answer according to our expectations. We must live in remembrance of His past deliverance, rescue, and workmanship within us. Affirming that He loves us, that He is merciful and trustworthy to the point of sacrificing His own Son for us (ROM8:32).

He is searching the whole earth for those who are wholly devoted (2CHRON16). We have to trust Him more than we want our request. We are told to pray in accordance with the Lords will (JOHN15:16), asking for what is consistent with Christ’s person and confirms our dependence and need for Him to be glorified in the answer. All of our praying comes down to trusting God.

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