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Hurry and Love are Incompatible

Being fully present with God

Scripture stresses the importance of diligence, but opposes haste. “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only into poverty” (PROV21:5) This verse tells us that the only thing we haste after is increasing want. The hasty move rashly about their business without counsel, striving after personal gain (often through dishonest practices).

Have you been in a hurry all day with little profit? Consider the quote by Eile mit Weile “More haste, less speed”, meaning that when you try to do things too quickly, it ends up taking longer in the end. You have squeezed God out of the equation. This point is emphasized in John Ortberg’s book Soul Keeping, paraphrased “Being busy occurs when we have many things to do, but being hurried is a condition of the soul. Busyness migrates to hurriedness when we become so preoccupied with it, that we are unable to be fully present with God, ourselves, and others. We cannot live in the Kingdom of God with a hurried soul”

Let us take the time to think today (loving the Lord with all our minds). Pray to plant our feet upon the Rock of our salvation: knowing that it is God who establishes our steps. Committing our way to Him should be at the root of our diligence, rather than personal gain. It begins with our thoughts. Take the time to breathe and foster a spirit of gratitude unto our Creator. Allow your spinning mind to be interrupted by what God has put in front of you. Nothing you do is more important than what you are doing now. No time is more valuable than right this second. How are you loving God with your time, with your thoughts?

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