Thank You!

What does God say?

Giving is the same as lending to the Lord. He will repay. (PROV19:17)


Store up your treasure in Christ. The church is the body of Christ.

(MATT6:21, 1COR12:27)


Consider others as more important than yourself. Especially other believers.

(PHIL2:3, GAL6:10)


God loves those who give from their heart. They will reap what they sow.



A heart that delights in the Lord is not inclined to selfish gain.



God promises to bless the generous.


Giving Back To God

If you benefit from the resources or teachings of StoneWater Church, please consider offering a financial contribution toward the continuation of Christlike generosity. Your money goes toward helping those in our church and community who are struggling, ministering to the community, making disciples, and offering a safe and comfortable place to learn and grow together.

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